Plastic Fish… how to catch them!

Plastic Fish… how to catch them!

Plastic Fish, the book. Creative beach clean to inspire! Made by kids + Hannah Tofts. Say no to a plastic sea! 100 pages softback, no.1 in a series… insects, birds, faces, aquariums + mini worlds…

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See extraordinary sea creatures created from plastic sea trash. Pictures speak louder than words? Be inspired by what we made. See funny and inventive examples made by kids, me and people like you. Join in a creative discovery for fun and to be aware. Use this to inspire children to look, create and question. Maybe they’ll never forget a crazy plastic fish. Or getting soaked cleaning the plastic trash they collected, or tipping bags of plastic on the floor, sorting favourite colours or making a plastic colour mess. See how much plastic trash we collected! With fun treasure tasks and inspiration to energise your beach clean or recycling at home.

Plastic Fish: look inside the book, 100 pages

Plastic Sea: look inside the book, 660 pages

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